Fur Recovery

Since the Department of Conservation’s 10 year rolling front operation ended in 1994 private landowners have been responsible for controlling possum numbers on their private land.

If you require possum control services on your private land and you are within the Whangarei District up to the Kaitaia Going Bush will:

1. Organize an introductory meeting to discuss specifics about your property such as;

  • Your farm’s boundaries
  • Last time your farm was poisoned
  • Activities on neighboring properties that may impact on Going Bush’s operation (e.g. Kiwi Sanctuary, lambing season etc)
  • Access points on property
  • Your stock grazing cycle
  • Locations of public access (e.g. roads and tracks), location of local authority controlled blocks
  • Location of any catchment areas from which water is drawn for human consumption


2. Going Bush will complete any operation plan and with you sign off the plan before operation begins

3. Going Bush usually works to a 4 day working cycle

  • Day one – set up bait stations and first pre-feed
  • Day two – pre-feed bait stations
  • Day three – lay cyanide
  • Day four – pick up and remove possums carcasses from farm along with all bait stations


4. Going Bush will return to the farm as agreed with the farmer to conduct a second poison cycle, usually around 6 months time from first poison cycle.  Going Bush will follow the same 4 day working cycle outlined in point 3


Contact Going Bush to arrange a meeting