Possum Market

Possum skin prices have fluctuated since the boom in the 80’s.  Now with the successful blending of marino wool and possum fibre we have seen a spike in the demand for possum fur.  In several overseas markets designers are using this high priced yarn on cat walks around the world.

Possum meat has not only hit the pet food industry but has now also ending up on menus around the world.  Currently New Zealand is exporting possum carcasses to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, where possum is known as kiwi bear. The meat is being promoted in Asia as a healthy, low-cholesterol dish.   There are strict bio-security restrictions to exporting meats.

Helpful Tips

  • Clean and dry - Make sure that your possum fur is dry and fur is clean of debris before plucking – this can ruin you plucking machine and piss off your agent with false bale weights

  • Make sure before plucking your possums that you remove any joeys from the female’s pouch – once again false bale weights.
  • Although fur prices are generally higher in the winter as the fur quality is better, the winter months are the wettest and hunting opportunities are less regular. During summer months the fur is lighter and shorter.

Hand plucked fur fetches the highest price, however, it is time consuming as it takes a while to get your kill numbers up.

Keep records of everything – trial and error is the best way to learn and come up with what works for you in the areas you are hunting